At Sierra Rivers ...

 It's All About the Gold

At Sierra Rivers our mission is finding gold. We support American miners in their quest to hit the next mother lode.
Mining claims which we offer for sale are valid mining claims which we know have gold on them. How much gold? Who knows, we try to be as honest and clear as possible when describing the claim so you can make an informed decision. The higher the gold potential, in general, the higher the price of the mining claim will be.
The gold we offer for sale is guaranteed to be what we say. If we say it's gold from the Yuba River, or a hard rock mine, then that means we know who recovered the gold, where it was recovered and how it was recovered. You can buy with confidence from Sierra Rivers and we'll stand behind what we sell.
We support American miners by buying and reselling the gold which comes from their mining claims. We choose only the gold which is suitable for collecting such as nuggets and specimen pieces. These are pieces you don't get from big mining companies. Typically all the gold recovered from an industrial operation is melted down into bars which is worth only the weight of the gold. Our gold is unique pieces, whether they come from American hard rock mines or river claims.
We also support the person who wants to begin gold mining. We offer the best information available on mining claims which may be available for claiming in our annual Gold Claims Report. The 2014 edition is currently published and we expect to publish the 2015 edition around February or March of 2016. This guide is perhaps the best resource available for finding and staking your own mining claim. If you need help - we're always here to assist.

The Modern Gold Miner


Today's equipment leaves no impact on the environment. Our primary source of gold is river mined gold. This placer gold is recovered by independent operators using very small equipment which doesn't harm the environment in the least. These small devices, known as suction dredges, operate the same way a vacuum cleaner does. They simply vacuum the gold from the bottom of the river while at the same time removing toxic chemicals such as mercury and lead left over from the 1849 Gold Rush. Our miners are actually improving the environment. As opposed to mining operations in third world countries our miners release nothing into the environment. The suction dredges merely suck up water and spit the water back out while adding nothing to the water.


Some want you to believe these small devices harm the water, but they don't. They add nothing to the water, while removing lead and mercury from the water. You don't have to believe us, we'll invite you out to a mining claim and you can see for yourself. Be forewarned, once the gold bug bites you'll never go back. If you're interested in learning more about gold mining, or would like to obtain a gold mining claim for yourself you can visit our informative site and begin learning how to mine for gold. We'll even provide information on areas available for claiming, and how to claim. If you want to learn more we can link you up with an experienced gold miner where you can "intern" for a few days or a whole summer. Your best resource for staking your own claim is our 2014 Claims Report. All the information you need to find and stake your own claim is contained in this easy to use report.


There's a Lot of Gold Out There

So how much gold is still left? A lot. Geologists estimate more gold is left in the mountains of California than has ever been taken out. Every major storm redeposits more gold into the river. The average small scale miner today recovers between 1-5 ounces a week. Collectively individual miners are the 2nd largest producer of gold in California. Our specimen gold comes from a 150 year old mine in California which was originally discovered by the Spanish around 1840, a full 8 years before the Gold Rush. This mine was continuously worked up until the 1970s when it was abandoned and lost to history. A prospector in the 1990s doing research discovered the general location of this mine and the history of it. He carefully tracked the quartz and gold back up hill using a metal detector and discovered the remains of the old mine which he reopened in 1998. He has been producing some exceptional specimen pieces from this mine which was supposedly worked out.

 New Hard Rock Mine Opened

We recently established a "new" hard rock mine to support our online gold sales. We'll be re-opening this historic mine which was first located in the 1850's and was last worked in the 1960s. This small mine sits on a historically rich gold vein and we'll be mining our own gold beginning this summer. You can watch our progress at

Do Your Part to Support American Mining

Our online store is dedicated to supporting American mining. You can buy your gear from a lot of places, but when you buy from us you are supporting the continuation of responsible mining. Mining which leaves no impact on the environment and where mining claims are handed down from generation to generation. We only buy our gold from miners who use techniques which don't leave an impact on the environment. If you're looking for the cheapest gold then you're going to be buying it from 3rd world countries which use toxic chemicals which harm the environment. Buy your gold from dredgers and small scale hard rock miners and have the piece of mind you're supporting American jobs and clean gold.