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Prospecting maps

This is a collection of maps we put together to assist you in finding a mining claim. If you want more detailed information you can write to us at and we can do a custom, online map for a specific area, or topic.

Legal Dredging

Where not to find gold in California. Green areas are legal dredging. All else is prohibited. Good luck finding gold in the scraps the environmentalists gave you.

Historical Faults

Gold deposits follow faults. If you're looking for the source of gold, hardrock, then this fault map provides you with the locations of historical (not active) fault zones for the U.S.

Gold Locations in US

This interactive map provides all the known gold sites for the entire US, including Alaska. The data is drawn from the USGS MRDS database. Obviously not the end all, be all, of knowledge, but if you're wondering whether there is gold near where you live, this is a good start.

The California Motherlode

Updated motherlode map which includes over 350,000 datapoints for lode claims in California from San Bernardino to the Oregon border.

Fire Maps

In our opinion the best online resource for staying up to date with fires anywhere in the west. Uses thermal imagery to show you the leading edge of the fire.

Wilderness and Critical Habitat

If you're thinking about looking for new mining areas then you should bookmark this map. Wilderness areas are generally withdrawn from mineral entry meaning you can't file a new claim there. If your claim is in a critical habitat area then obtaining a permit would be very difficult (if not impossible). Under California dredging regulations no dredging is allowed in critical habitat, so know whether the area you are in has critical habitat - it's important.

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