Sierra Rivers
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Sierra Rivers

The hunt for the motherlode begins here

Mapping the MotherlodeIt's really there

We took over 100,000 historic lode claims in California and mapped them using Arc Gis. What results is a well defined map of the Motherlode. Whether you're looking for placer or lode gold, locating a claim in this gold belt is your best bet. The old saying is if you want to find gold, go where gold has been found. We have several online, interactive, maps which show you gold and silver locations throughout the US. We've mapped gold and silver locations; historic fault zones and the Motherlode. You can find your own hot spots on the Maps page.


Ground ZeroMotherlode found

Within the Motherlode there are definite hot spots. Alleghany, in Sierra County, is the hottest of the hot spots. The Motherlode map shows the highest concentration of claims centered on the old mining town of Alleghany. From the surface it doesn't look like anything special, but once underground the size of the quartz veins is stunning and the gold recovered from these veins is measured in the billions. Alleghany is ground zero for the Motherlode. If you're looking for more information on hot spots you can see our Research or Maps page.


Living the dreamHome is where you park it

We've come a long way from the crusty old desert prospector and a burro. Today you can cover thousands of square miles prospecting while keeping your fridge at a frosty 34 degrees and on most days you don't smell like a burro. Boondocking, or dry camping, allows you to vastly expand your ability to find gold (or silver). I split my time between Nevada and California and live out of my trailer for the summer as I explore the remote canyons in search of gold, silver and turquoise. You can download the same information I use at the Research page.

Mining Claims

Mining ClaimsBuy or stake your own claim

Do you want your own mining claim? What's stopping you? There are thousands of abandoned mining claims out there. For every active claim there are 5 claims which were held at one time, and are now abandoned. Some of these claims were held for over 100 years. The odds are pretty good there's going to be an available claim in the area you want. If you want to learn about mining claims, or are interested in buying one you can find information on the area you can see what's available at the Mining Claims page.

Gold for SaleFrom the mine to you

Gold right from the mine. Want to find gold? Look where gold has been found. In Sierra County it seems most veins are feast or famine. You can go weeks without any gold then hit a rich pocket which makes the whole season - it only takes one good day to make up for a whole lot of bad days. Mel Fischer used to say "Today's the day." Mining hard rock you wake up every day and believe it will be the day you hit the big pocket. If you're interested in buying some unique pieces at affordable prices then visit the Gold page.

Murphy's BarThe hunt for gold

The boys on Starvation Creek have the perfect solution to government regulation: drink more beer and ignore it. The series follows two undocumented (illegal) miners who are currently between permits working their mining claims in a remote canyon near the town of Hardrock, California, a town made famous during the Gold Rush for its complete lack of hard rock mining, but residents thought it had more of a touristy feel than the original name "Slug Gulch." If you feel like killing some time grab a beer and head over to Murphy's Bar