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The hunt for the Motherlode


"Yet it isn't the gold that I'm wanting so much as just finding the gold."

Have you ever wanted your own mining claim? What's stopping you? There are thousands of abandoned mining claims across the West. The maps and resources on this website provide you everything you need to know to find and stake your own mining claim.

I've been on the hunt for the Motherlode for over 35 years. My mission is to find gold. To do that I've walked a lot of canyons, waded a lot of rivers, and found a lot of gold. There's still a lot of gold out there. There's very few quartz veins I've sample which don't run some amount of gold. In the Motherlode of California you can find some amount of gold in almost every ravine. You may not hit it rich, but then again, who knows. Get your own mining claim and start your own hunt for the Motherlode - it's out there.

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