Gold From American Miners

  American Mined!  Our gold comes from American miners and American rivers. We only buy our gold from independent - small scale miners. We personally know the miners. This gold is either recovered using suction gold dredges or by small hard rock miners. These miners use no toxic chemical to recover their gold.

The Yuba River is the mother of all gold rivers. It is one of the richest gold producing rivers in North America and has consistently produced good gold since 1849. Some of the other rivers our miners work include the historic American River and the Feather River which is famed for producing brilliant pieces of gold. You should know how your gold was mined, and where it came from. Gold isn't just a commodity. Don't support those who destroy the environment to recover a few pieces of gold, support our miners who practice a sustainable mining technique using the most advanced mining equipment in the world.

Our specimen pieces come from one of the very few hard rock mines in the United States still producing this type of gold. The vast majority of hard rock gold is crushed into dust and refined into bars. This is your opportunity to buy authentic American gold from the historic Gold Rush areas. Our miners are still producing gold from the same rivers and mines originally located in 1849.