Sierra Rivers

Intact Ancient Gravel

20 acre placer claim - Nugget Bowl


Results of a half bucket sample


Intact tertiary channel remains


Camping Area


Drain tunnel has gold in the gravels

Claim Info:

20 acre placer claim in Sierra county.

Really nice claim in Sierra county. Old hydraulic pit still has an entire bank of tertiary gravel left. The picture to the left is about half a pennyweight from a half bucket sample of this material. It's really rich. If you could actually mine in California this would be a very profitable claim.

Very accessible claim for camping. Located 9 miles from Laporte on a decent dirt road you could probably fit 3 trailers in here at one time. I had a 17' trailer in there early in the summer and I talked to someone who had a 27' trailer in there. The site would accomodate multiple trailers and lots of trucks. There's really good sunshine for solar panels, but there's also a shaded area if you prefer that. The lower camping area is completely obscured from the road.

There's good metal detecting potential here - sure it's been hit, but I know a guy who found a 1861 3 cent piece (silver) in the gravel. It was pretty cool - I saw it. The real value of this claim isn't the metal detecting, it's the bank of ancient gold bearing gravel. The same gravel the Old Timer's were hydraulicing. There's actually a lot of this gravel, don't ask me why they left it, but I suspect there were houses on top of the bank at one time. My sampling of this gravel shows it's really rich. You'll need a hammer drill with a chisel to bust it up, then screen it and run it through a high banker, or Gold Cube. You could spend years working the gravels. The picture to the left is hard to get a real scope of the amount of gravel there.

There is water next to the gravel bank, probably in a normal rain year you could run a high banker, and you could definitely run a Gold Cube about anytime (remember they recirculate).

As a bonus there is an intact drain tunnel on this claim. It's 12' high. Yeah - 12' high and it's still open. I sampled it an there's gold in the rusty layer, but not on the very bottom. The bottom of the tunnel is polished bedrock, but about 1' above that is a layer of rusty material which has pretty good gold in it.

I'm only the 3rd owner of this claim in the past 60 years. The previous owner had run a trommel for a while on a different part of the gravels, from what I was told he had jars of nuggets (the size of peach pits) he recovered from the gravels. If you want a claim with easy access, good gold, and good camping, that combination doesn't come along very often, but this is it. Email if you're interested.

  • Offered by: Private individual
  • Type Claim: Placer
  • County: Sierra
  • Price: $3,750
  • Access:2WD accessible
  • Camping:Camp on site with RV trailer
  • Gold Potential:Excellent
  • Equipment:Gold Cube
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