Sierra Rivers

Lavezolla Creek

20 acre placer claim - Greenstone


Lower End


Looking downstream


Middle of claim, flat water

Claim Info:

20 acre placer claim in Sierra county in the upper reaches of Lavezolla creek.

This claim is on the upper reaches of Lavezolla Creek, in 21N 11E Section 16. It has relatively easy access, if you have a ATV. A decent 4x4 could probably make it from the eastern side, but not from the Downieville side. The area along the creek is pretty flat and would afford good camping, but there is some awesome camping along Jamison Creek coming out of Johnsville.

Lavezolla creek is a big gold creek and some really nice nuggets have come out of it. There is a trail which traverses the entire length of the creek from its headwaters to its confluence with the Downie River. This trail, which is also the access trail to this claim, is a designated OHV trail.

Access to the claim is by either by 4wd, or a OHV such as an ATV, or side by side. There's a 2 mile road/trail which leads from a parking area on the ridge which divides Sierra and Plumas counties. The trail takes you within 100 yards of the claim. Trail access from the Downieville side is limited to either foot or motorbike as the trail isn't wide enough for anything with 4 wheels, but is used for motorbike access.

The creek in the upper reaches is surprisingly flat considering the elevation drops from the adjoining ridges, and is a relatively small elevation drop from the headwaters to the Downie River. There is considerable bedrock in here, lots of boulders, as you'd expect in flat water, and lots and lots of quartz veins running through the bedrock.

This a area is known for gold bearing veins. The famous Four Hills mine is at the top of the ridge, and a lot of exploration work was done down hill from it.

  • Offered by: Private individual
  • Type Claim: Placer
  • CAMC:CAMC 323265
  • County: Sierra
  • Price:NEW PRICE! $1,750
  • Access:OHV Trail
  • Camping:Camping within 1 mile
  • Gold Potential:Good
  • Equipment:Dredge
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